Concrete Tables

Techstone’s concrete tables are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. They are made from reconstituted glass reinforced limestone (GRC) and other additives. By using limestone aggregate we have created a material that is tough, flexible and after being honed has a natural textured beautiful finish. Techstone tables have been tested to withstand temperatures from below zero to 47 degrees Celsius in full sun.


  • Our standard rectangular tables vary from 2100-2400-2700mm long and 1050mm wide and the top is 80mm tick.
  • The standard round tables have a diameter of 1100-1300-1500mm 80mm thick.
  • The standard square tables are 1100-1300-1500mm square 80mm thick.


Normal table height is 740mm but can be raised so that chairs with armrests can comfortably fit under the table for instance. We can custom make the tables and benches up to 4000mm long and 1200mm wide with no set thickness. The table legs can be made to allow for enough knee space. With extra degree of difficulty, it is possible to make wider tops. The tables are light weight enough to be carried or being positioned on balconies, wooden verandas and the likes. The edges of the tops are slightly bevelled to make them more robust and it improves the quality finish even further.

All tables are individually handmade with extreme care and personal pride. We will personally deliver and install the tables and benches in the Perth region and delivery can also be made by a Bunbury based removalist when the job is further afield. Personal service is one of the cornerstones Techstone is built on and queries are most welcome.

Concrete Dining Tables

They can be used inside as dining room tables as well and are by far superior and much longer lasting then benches and tables made from other materials. The product is semi lightweight and can be handled with ease.

We have three basic colours, grey, limestone and white. The water based nontoxic sealer is resilient, easy to maintain and with proper care improves with use by simply cleaning the top after use with warm water and dishwashing liquid which will also remove spilled red wine one of the most persistent stains.

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