Techstone is very heat resistant and is ideally suited for surrounds of fireplaces. It is made from reconstituted glass-reinforced limestone plus additives and is sealed with a nontoxic water-based sealer. It is a long lasting and tough material; the surround is easily cleaned with soapy water. Each part of the surround is light-weight enough to be positioned by hand, the surround has two fixings, pinning and gluing.

Custom Designed Fireplace Surrounds

The design is mostly done in house with input from the client, architect, designer etc. Our fireplace surrounds come in three colours, grey (limestone with black oxide), cream (natural limestone) and white (white sand). They can be fixed inside both indoors and outdoors entertainment areas.

The surrounds are mostly custom made where we can mix and match existing moulds or design a completely new surround.

The shape of the surrounds is only limited by your imagination. Some of the standard surrounds styles are a mixture of modern and classic “Contemporary”, a combination of natural limestone and mouldings “Country surround” or a more classic design “Federation”. We also work from photographs, pictures out of magazines etc. to you achieve your vision.


The Process

After contact has been established with the client we usually have a site meeting to discuss and measure the job. After that a detailed drawing is produced by us where alterations can be made. Once the drawings have been signed off we manufacture the moulds and cast the surround. After curing the surround is honed to bring out the natural finish and texture. The surround is then ready for delivery and installation which can usually be done at a week’s notice. The whole process can take from four to eight weeks. It is an advantage to contact us first before the actual fire unit is installed as it is important to pinpoint the dimensions.

We like to work closely with our clients for the best result and pride our self with the personal effort we put into every job. Perth WA and surrounding areas are the most popular sites we service but we also cover the South West of WA.