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Techstone is custom made from fibreglass reinforced reconstituted limestone (GRC) with a natural finish. It is tough, designed and tested for outside use exposed to the sun in extreme temperatures and sealed with a non-toxic water-based sealer. Techstone is a semi lightweight, flexible, durable and quality product. We provide personalised service for Perth and surrounding areas, as well as export our products to the Eastern States.

The Process

Concrete Tables

Techstone tables are a great functional design piece for both indoors and outdoors. Suitable for a wide range of design styles, a concrete table is a great way to add a new textural element to an area.

Our concrete tables are tough wearing, lightweight and easily cleaned. Techstone can produce rectangular, square and circular designs with varying widths and thickness. We work with you to design the ideal table for your space, with each Techstone table individually handmade, delivered and installed by us.

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Fireplace Surrounds

Techstone is the perfect material to create your ideal fireplace surround, combining fantastic looks with easy installation and maintenance. We are able produce surrounds in a variety of different styles to suit your interior design and can work with completely custom designs as well.

Turn your fireplace into a real statement with a surround by Techstone. We work with you to achieve your vision.

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Benchtops & Basins

Techstone benchtops and basins are highly customisable and can be crafted to suit a wide range of appplications. Lightweight and easily maintainable, Techstone can be used in kitchens, laundries, BBQ areas, consoles and even as shelving!

We create tailored products to your vision, working with you and your personal input. Each product is produced with its own unique characteristics, making your Techstone piece one of a kind.

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Landscaping & Outdoors

Techstone has a variety of outdoor applications for the backyard and entertainment areas. Our concrete can be used to create anything from water feature pieces to bird baths to ornamental pieces.
We work with you throughout our design and manufacturing process to ensure that we achieve the end product you desire. No matter how big or small your outdoor concrete vision is, we can create the perfect solution.

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