Specialised Stone Technology

“Design in the Stone of the Future”

Techstone specialises in manufacturing a large range of customised reconstituted limestone products of almost any shape or size. We can produce names, numbers, capping, scrolls, windowsills, fireplaces, pillars, planters, tables, benches, vanities, fountains and plenty more! In fact, almost any product your imagination can visualize.

We use different combinations of fiberglass-reinforced reconstituted limestone, concrete and polystyrene to manufacture customised and standard products. Techstone’s reconstituted stone is strong, nonporous and extremely durable. It weathers extremely well, does not fret or crack and is ideal for external finishes.

Techstone’s Computerised System

Techstone’s computerised system provides freedom in the design of custom-made products with remarkable accuracy each and every time. Lightweight mouldings are an enormous saving in the building industry and used extensively in our system.

The product’s exterior is produced with a natural finish and can be sealed with a very durable and resilient layer for extra surface protection. It is strong, light and can be cast up to 4 m long. Techstone products are easy to fix to walls, floors, other surfaces and can also be painted. Our streamlined process also means that larger quantities can be produced quickly.