Techstone has the capability to design and manufacture to your specifications to create the perfect outdoors concrete piece. We can produce pillars, pillar caps, copings, wall capping, fountains, planters, garden edging, pedestals, balustrading, numbers, letters, graphic design, inscriptions in paving or on planters and pedestals.

Every item is hand made with personal pride and effort and has its own unique characteristics. It is made from fibreglass reinforced limestone and can be manufactured in a grey, cream (limestone) or white colour. It is also becoming popular to make the product out of concrete with a blue metal based aggregate which is also used extensively in our moulding system. We do not use yellow sand in our product and therefore does not have the yellowish colour.

The larger items are made with a polystyrene core and consequently semi light weight which makes it economical to transport and handle on site. The stone is cast in moulds and nonporous and therefore ideally suited for outdoor. It does not fret and will last for many years.

Custom Outdoor Benches & More

We work with your relevant landscape architects, designers and builders throughout our process. We can assist in creating detailed drawings of the design using the vast experience we have gained over many years. You can choose a custom-made unit for the garden from a photo, a picture from a magazine, something found online or even from your imagination.

Techstone also manufactures lightweight decorative mouldings to customers specifications that can be fixed to external or internal walls. These mouldings have a polystyrene core and can be made in lengths up to 2400mm depending on what sizes are best suited for the job. They can be painted if so desired. We can produce larger jobs in a good time frame and deliver on site in the Perth metro and surrounding areas and the South West of WA. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask.