How An Indoor Fireplace Can Add Ambience To Your Home

There is nothing like a quality fireplace to change the whole atmosphere of a space. A quality made fireplace will change the ambience of a room depending on its design and the materials it’s made from. Whether it’s a simple design to help the fireplace blend in, or something intricate to make your fireplace stand out, we provide custom fireplace styles to suit your needs.

The simple elegance of a custom fireplace surround will add a loving ambience to your home. With Techstone Moulding we create these custom fireplace surrounds suitable for any room. From the edgy, contemporary and ultra -modern, to the luxurious, comforting and traditional we create all styles of fireplace surrounds in Perth.

These are the top reasons why you should create your own custom fireplace to add ambience to your home.

Bring the family together

Is there anything that creates a warm atmosphere and an inclusive ambience quite like an indoor fireplace? A custom-built fireplace will become a comforting addition to any family room. They bring a sense of inclusion to a room that allows families and friends to spend quality time together. A warm crackling fire is the perfect catalyst for a good conversation or a superb backdrop for a family game. With a custom fireplace lighting up the room, it’s a  perfect spot for some quality family time.


The warmth

Of course, one of the main reasons to include a custom fireplace in your home is the warmth it provides. The heat not only provides energy for the whole house but creates a cozy, pleasant ambience throughout the room. The warmth from the fireplace brings people together by wrapping them in a combined blanket of heat that protects them from the cold outside. A warm fireplace will improve the mood and make people feel relaxed and sociable.


Romantic setting

Fireplaces are a staple for creating a romantic setting. Enjoying the romantic ambience with a loved one, a glass of wine, and a crackling fire in the background, will set the mood every time. There are few features that offer a romantic escape quite as easily as a fireplace. A warm fireplace is the perfect amenity to create a comforting and relaxing setting without having to leave the house.



There are plenty of different styles of fireplaces and custom fireplace surrounds that will all create a different ambience in a room. For a more authentic feel, an old rustic style of fireplace will generate a cozier vintage ambience. On the other hand, a modern, contemporary fireplace surround will offer a cleaner, refreshing ambience that will make the room feel more spacious.


A fireplace can be a deciding factor in bringing a room together in terms of aesthetics. They create a special ambience depending on their style. They are also a great compliment to the existing furnishing and can even become a unique design feature.


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